Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Programmers Have Gone Over To The Dark Side

Right Wing Watch, an arm of People For the American Way, recently discovered that when readers clicked links leading to the American Family Association's website, they weren't going to the pages RWW referenced. Instead, they were being redirected to a Good Person Test that they couldn't pass.

Answer a question about honesty and you are told you are a liar; answer a question about lust and you are told you are an adulterer; answer a question about anger and you are told you are a murderer.
We’ve noticed that this special redirecting service is something AFA seems to have reserved for Right Wing Watch, because, for example, Street Prophets excerpted one of our posts the other day that included a link to a OneNewsNow article that, from their blog, takes readers to the article quoting Gary Bauer whereas those clicking through from our post get redirected.

Unfortunately for our fundie friends, RWW has programmers, too. They have already figured out how to get their links working again. Enjoy this story I was able to reach from their site. By the way, the author has forgotten Rhode Island.

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